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What are people saying?


Jordan Rice, Sr. Director @ Nike

"Zeb joined us in early 2014, and I know at the time it was a mammoth decision to make the jump to the opposite coast. Even with the seismic shifts in Zeb's personal and work life, his focus was unwavering. He jumped in immediately as lent a very steady and senior voice to the engineering team, pushing a cross-functional vision, and an ability to own and solve for hard problems and design challenges. Technically sound, Zeb has been a trusted voice in cross-disciplinary design reviews. He brings a wealth of experience across high-volume CE and med-tech, and has really demonstrated a steady leadership presence as we looked to move extremely fast at the intersection of consumer and medical.

I've been continually impressed by Zeb's focus, dedication, and ability to lead by influence and subject matter expertise. He has an enviable ability to gently and non-confrontationally ask questions of design decisions and direction, always conveying his desire to make the best product possible. He's been a rock, and I can't really imagine how we'd have made the progress we did without him."


Aron Dahlgren, Sr. Mechanical Engineer @ Synapse

"Zeb is one of the most passionate engineers I know. He jumps into problems, absorbs any background information, and focuses on the solution. When paired with his eagerness to drive company culture and an all around positive attitude, Zeb is a natural born leader."


Andy Steinmetz, Sr. Program Manager @ PMO

"Zebrick brings both, a very professional and goal oriented attitude as well as a great sense of humor and the ability to have fun to the work place. He has shown that he can deliver great designs within target schedule and budget and he has successfully lead design projects to full completion. It has been a pleasure to have him as part of a product development team."

Scott Mackie, Exec. Director of Design @ Athenahealth

"Zeb has been an absolute stalwart of the engineering team at Quanttus. He has a breadth of experience in every facet of the role: solving design problems, finding great suppliers and managing tough ones, leading colleagues through difficult projects and always pushing for a better product. He has a wealth of knowledge about numerous design and manufacturing approaches. In my role of responsibility for industrial design it has been great to have Zeb so thoughtfully apply this knowledge to constantly ensure that we're delivering the very best product to our users, in ways that are sustainable for our business. He works hard and smart to find win-wins when only compromises seem possible. He's also just a pleasure to have around with a relaxed yet determined attitude to navigating the tumult of start-up product development."


Redwood Stephens, President @ Synapse

"When you engage Zebrick you're engaging somebody who is a broad thinker well beyond the realms of Mechanical Engineering. While Zebrick is a strong Senior Mechanical Engineer he also has good insights into company culture, team formation and product management."


Cameron Charles, Strategic Initiatives Lead @ Amazon

"Zeb is a great contributor who has all of the qualities required to succeed as an engineer: thorough and detail-oriented, rock-solid technical skills, personable and a great team player, and strong presentation skills for interacting with clients. Highly recommended."


Jesse Allum, Electrical Engineer @ Synapse

"In the short time I worked with Zeb, it immediately became obvious that he is a talented Mechanical Engineer and Designer with a passion for his work. Easy to interact and collaborate with across disciplinary lines, Zeb brings fresh ideas to the table and is open minded when discussing possible solutions with others."




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